The Scent Librarian Fragrance Database

The Scent Librarian Database is your aromatic ally in the world of soap and candle making. Picture a vast, organized library of fragrance oils tailored specifically to your craft. It’s your go-to resource for finding the perfect scents, understanding their performance in soap and candles, and building a well-rounded collection without breaking the bank.

  • Inventory: Build a balanced fragrance collection effortlessly, tailored to your soap and candle making needs. Keep track of which fragrances you’ve already purchased, smelled, tested and sold. Easily find what inventory you have on hand for upcoming projects.
  • 💡 Subscription Tools: Unlock advanced fragrance blending and recipe-building tools for a subscription fee. Sell your recipes and destash your supplies in our marketplace coming the summer of 2024!
  • 📜 IFRA Allowances: Quickly find IFRA allowances in a standardized format, tailored to your craft. Filter out fragrances that don’t meet your criteria. For example, if you need a fragrance oil that’s lip safe, filter by IFRA category 1.
  • 🔍 Performance Filters: Filter fragrances by their reported performance in soap and candles, or by season and theme. Exclude fragrances that don’t play well in CP soap. You’ll also be able to display those that cause acceleration, if you are looking for accelerating fragrances for a specific technique.

Access a comprehensive, free fragrance database, funded through responsible data brokering and ad revenue. Since you are going to help build the database, we want you to be able to access it free of charge.

Scent Wheel

Explore the art of scent blending with our Scent Wheel – an ingenious tool that simplifies the realm of fragrance for perfume enthusiasts, candle makers, and soap artisans. This unique tool features a spinner that effortlessly identifies complementary, kindred, triad, and tetrad scent blends, ensuring you create harmonious fragrances with ease. But that’s not all; the Scent Wheel also includes descriptor terms, helping you better describe each scent. For candle and soap makers looking to craft signature scents that captivate, our Scent Wheel is your secret to success. Dive into the aromatic realm with confidence and creativity, and elevate your creations with the magic of the Scent Wheel.

Seasonal Sampler

Experience the beauty of each season with our Scent Sampler, a collection that captures the essence of the year’s changing landscapes and moods. This thoughtfully curated set includes 15 unique scent samples, designed to transport your senses through the seasons. Indulge in the scents of spring, summer, fall, and winter, with three distinct fragrances for each season, each crafted to evoke the feelings and memories associated with that time of year. From the rejuvenating freshness of spring blooms to the warm, cozy embrace of winter spices, this sampler offers a sensory journey like no other. And because every day has its own special moments, we’ve included three everyday scents that are perfect for any occasion. These versatile fragrances will delight your senses year-round, making this sampler a must-have for anyone who appreciates the power of scent.

Scent Blending & Training Kit

Unlock the secrets of scent blending and elevate your fragrance expertise with our Scent Blending & Training Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a hands-on journey into the world of aromas. Included in the kit is our Scent Wheel, a powerful tool that simplifies scent exploration by identifying complementary and unique scent blends. But that’s just the beginning. With 30 carefully selected sample scents, you’ll have the opportunity to isolate and familiarize yourself with basic scent notes, including 3 unique scents from each of the ten scent families featured on the Scent Wheel. From the earthy allure of vetiver to the delicate charm of gardenias, the soothing aroma of chamomile, and the distinctive richness of patchouli, our kit covers a wide spectrum of scents.

Scent Librarian Monthly Subscription Box

Scent Librarian Monthly is your monthly source of inspiration for soap and candle making. Inside each box, you’ll find a 100-page magazine that’s not only educational but also brimming with expert tips, guides, and captivating stories, serving as your go-to resource to sharpen your craft and fuel your creative journey. Each month, we present you with carefully curated scent collections, starting with the inaugural theme “Summer Market Prep,” which features scents that evoke the essence of summer, including beachy, fresh, outdoorsy, and floral fragrances. But what truly sets our offering apart is the inclusion of fragrance card samples from various suppliers. These cards introduce you to new sourcing options and give you a preview of the latest fragrances in the market.