The Scent Librarian, founded with a passion for fragrance exploration, seeks to establish a mutually beneficial community for makers and fragrance oil suppliers. Driven by the vision to simplify the fragrance discovery process, our platform aims to provide valuable resources for makers and offer data-driven insights to suppliers.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of shared ideas and knowledge, and we are committed to providing a platform for makers to connect, exchange insights, and collaborate. Through our curated selection of quality scent samples and educational resources, we strive to nurture innovation and inspire new techniques.  Join us as we light the path to creativity and excellence in the realm of scents.

Our Team

Comprised of a dedicated team of technologists and information professionals, The Scent Librarian serves as a vital resource for both makers and fragrance suppliers alike. Our continuous development involves creating a suite of apps and products tailored to gather valuable feedback from our creative community. Understanding the significance of feedback in refining fragrances, we are devoted to delivering insightful data analytics that illuminate emerging trends in the world of scents.

Kelly Stanchfield
Founder & Creative Director

Meet the visionary force behind our business, Kelly Stanchfield. A former librarian turned mixed media artist, Kelly’s journey took a transformative turn when she explored the profound impact of aromatherapy on her life. This revelation sparked a creative epiphany – the convergence of fragrance and artwork to awaken viewers’ senses.

Kelly’s path, however, was paved with obstacles that resonated with her past and present. Trade secrets guarded like precious manuscripts, elusive recipes shrouded in mystery, and beginners left to navigate the intricate realm of fragrance creation without much guidance.

Amidst these challenges, Kelly’s unique blend of arts, science, and teaching expertise became a beacon of innovation. With unwavering determination, she set out to develop The Scent Librarian System – a gateway to untold creativity. This system not only dismantles barriers but also empowers aspiring artisans to compose their own olfactory symphonies.

In her quest to unravel the complexities of fragrance, Kelly’s passion transformed into action. Her system is more than a collection of scents; it’s a testament to her commitment to demystify the process and empower individuals to become creators, not just consumers. Through ingenuity and perseverance, Kelly Stanchfield, our founder and creative director, emerged as a catalyst for innovation in the field of fragrance, while simultaneously emphasizing the significance of teaching fragrance literacy.

James Stanchfield
Chief Operating Officer

Meet James Stanchfield, our esteemed Chief Operating Officer at The Scent Librarian. With a wealth of experience in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, James has played a pivotal role in shaping our operational excellence. His seasoned insights stem from over two decades in educational technology at Purdue, where he provided second-tier customer support services for faculty, demonstrating unparalleled troubleshooting skills. 

James has been a key figure on numerous hiring committees, showcasing his commitment to building strong, capable teams. His expertise extends to overseeing student computer lab assistants in the Purdue University Computing Center, reflecting his dedication to fostering talent and ensuring smooth operational efficiency.

His analytical mind and proficiency in navigating diverse eLearning platforms have been instrumental in steering The Scent Librarian towards success. James’s leadership is not just a role; it’s a dynamic force propelling our organization forward.

Shauna McClure
Chief Financial Officer

Shauna McClure is a dedicated professional with a passion for project management and education. As the Chief Financial Officer  of The Scent Librarian, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the company’s operations remain both organized and fiscally responsible. With a diverse background in computer graphics, mathematics education, data management and a pursuit of a doctorate in higher education administration, Shauna brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to the team.

Shauna’s journey began with her pursuit of a degree in Computer Graphics, where she honed her creativity and technical skills. Her ability to bridge the gap between artistic expression and technological innovation has proven invaluable in the business’s creative endeavors. Beyond her graphics background, Shauna’s commitment to education shines through her experience as a Math Educator. Her ability to explain complex concepts in an accessible manner has contributed to her success in both the educational field and her role as a Project Manager. This skill set enhances her efficiency in managing timelines, resources, and tasks, ensuring that The Scent Librarian remains on track and on budget.

David McClure
Chief of Technology

David McClure, our Chief of Technology at The Scent Librarian, has left an indelible mark in various industries, showcasing his adaptability and skill in crafting tailored solutions. In the fast-paced and dynamic world of gaming, David has played a key role in developing immersive and engaging experiences. 

The realm of education has also benefited from his expertise, ensuring that technology enhances the learning process. David has also contributed to government projects, where security, efficiency, and reliability are paramount. In the agricultural sector, their innovative solutions have streamlined processes and improved productivity. Holding an MS in Computer Science and another in Cybersecurity Management from Purdue, David has been a dedicated Purdue employee since 2002.

Picture a vast, organized library of fragrance oils tailored specifically to your craft. It’s your go-to resource for finding the perfect scents, understanding their performance in soap and candles, and building a well-rounded collection without breaking the bank.

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